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Free Dive for Maximum Depth:

The main event of the Dive-off! (This will be run by C.M.A.S rules) This is real free-diving, mask, fins, and snorkel. No sleds, weights, liftbags or pony bottles. You simply place a clothes pin on the descent line at a depth you feel comfortable with. No one will know the depth to beat. One dive per entrant, and the top 10 divers get a second dive. There are many safety divers on the line. There will be class divisions, men, women, pro & novice.

Ditch & Don Medley:

In waters of approximately 15-20 feet divers descend with full scuba to the bottom. Stripping off all gear (no, not the suit, silly), the diver makes a controlled emergency swimming accent, while exhaling (no faster than your bubbles, please) after a breath or two from the surface(or 12) the diver returns to the gear and dons it all properly. As soon as this is completed, the ditch, surface and return, and don is repeated. The contestant then returns to the surface at a safe accent rate, and time is taken.

Do to the nature of this event, you must be a certified rescue diver or better, and must attend the pre-dive safety instruction reminder immediately preceding this event

.Snorkel Obstacle Coarse

A championship snorkel race where entrants must swim approximately 100 yards before beginning a series of dives through many hoops and vaults over barriers. Then it's another 100 yard fin back to the judges stand.

This is a head to head thrill to watch, and a real cardiovascular challenge for the divers.

Treasure Hunt

Anytime during the day of the dive-off, dive within the expansive shallow beauty near the Blue Bayou, (a favorite spot for spotted eagle rays and dolphins) to find numbered missing divelights and bottles of rum (Flore de Cana). The dive lights are redeemable for working dive lights and other prizes!!

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