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The Island of Utila situated eighteen miles off the coast of Honduras, belongs to"The Bay Islands", which include Roatan, Guanaja as well as many cays (pronounced keys, there). While lacking in the area of beaches and mountains, Utila more than exceeds in a friendly, laid back atmosphere, a mixing of cultures that seem to make places extra special.

Most Utilans speak both English and Spanish, the English is so mixed in with old English, a Grand Cayman, Jamaican, Southern Caribbean, it can be indiscernible to the uninitiated. There are the descendants of the last wave of settlers from Grand Caymans, Garifuna folk with an interesting heritage, some mainlanders, some early adventurer settlers, and a crowd of dive instructors and masters.

While fishing has been the staple, tourism now ranks #1 for revenue. With over a dozen good dive shops, the island boasts of providing the most economical diving in the world. With over 80 varieties of corals, on the second largest reef in the world, divers are exposed to a wide range of beautiful marine life, including the mother fish of them all, the whale shark. It is a unique place, and I am thrilled to call it my home. Well, one of them.


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